Prochem Heat Exchanger After Market Fabrication
We at Blue Baron, are the only Manufacturer in the Nation and abroad that builds a "Ready to Use" Bolt in Prochem Heat Exchanger After Market using our Patented Axis Point Technology. 

Even though Prochem no longer builds these Heat Exchangers, we at Blue Baron are here provide a Quick Replacement. Save your money before dropping all your money in a Over Priced Truck Mount at Jon Don and causing a "Financial Burden" for you and your family. 

This is a site among and many other sites I have created in the past 15 years, are what Suppliers of over priced Truck Mounts don't want you to see.

Our Heat Exchangers are built with high quality all  Stainless Construction as well implementing Innovative Infrastructure Technology for Low Wear and Longetivity while providing  Superior Heat Transfer. Our coils are 3500 psi pressure rated.

This equates to a quick rise in heat while maintaining a stable High Temperature throughout your cleaning jobs.

Blue Baron has been building Blue Baron Truck Mounts and  Axis Point Heat Exchangers for 15 years from the knowledge and experience of a 40 year veteran in the industry. 

We are a Major supplier and Custom builder for many Makes & Models of Truck Mounts in the Industry from PTOs to Slide In units.